The Rules of Management: A Definitive Code for Managerial Success by Richard Templer

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013187036X 978-0131870369 June 26, 2005 1

Managers are expected to be leaders, innovators, magicians, dynamic motivators, stern but fair judges, diplomats, politicians, therapists, financial wizards, warriors, and saints. They must deliver on executive mandates, no matter how crazy. For some people, it’s a breeze. They glide effortlessly through the hassles and politics, getting raises, promotions, results. They know the rules of management. Rules for managing a team -- and managingyourself. They’re surprisingly easy to learn and live by.  Richard Templar has brought them all together in one place: the quick, irreverent The Rules of Management. Templar covers everything from setting realistic targets to holding effective meetings; finding the right people to inspiring loyalty. Learn when and how to let people think they know more than you (even if they don’t) -- and recognize when they really do! Discover how to adapt your style to each team member... get people to bring solutions, not problems... create your own private game plan for success, complete with Plans “B” and “C”... capitalize on luck... manage stress and stay healthy... get respect...  and take charge.


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