The Third Opinion: How Successful Leaders Use Outside Insight to Create Superior Results by Saj-nicole Joni

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Publisher: Portfolio Hardcover (March 8, 2004)    ISBN: 1591840090

Most business leaders will admit that their companies can benefit greatly from an outside review, by someone who knows the industry inside out. But in tough times, few can afford to have high-priced strategy consultants on retainer. The solution, according to Saj-Nicole Joni, is to build a network of informal advisers who can provide “outside insight”—a review that has become as important as strategic planning or capital asset allocation. But where do you find these advisers, and what’s the best way to work with them?

Through in-depth interviews with some of the most successful executives in the world (Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates, Bill Rubin, John Mack, and Oprah Winfrey among them), Dr. Joni explains how effective leaders create and work with a wide-reaching brain trust— people who give them unbiased opinions on tough issues. Using real-world examples, Dr. Joni shows how these outsiders provide the kind of impact and guidance that cannot be achieved from within. And with this knowledge, readers can not only meet but also surpass the raised bar of excellence in today’s business world.

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