Total Heart Health for Men: A Life-Enriching Plan for Physical & Spiritual Well-Being by Dr. Ed B. Young, Dr. Michael Duncan, Dr. Richard Leachman

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January 2, 2007
Heart disease is the number one killer of men in America - but the cause may be more complex than cutting out saturated fat and salt. There is an increasing body of scientific research supporting the link between physical and spiritual health. It's difficult to have a truly healthy physical life without a healthy spiritual life and vice versa. In Total Heart Health for Men, well-known author and pastor, Ed Young, teams up with two of the country's leading physicians from the world-renown Texas Heart Institute, Dr. J. Michael Duncan and Dr. Richard Leachman, to offer men the guidance they so desperately need to achieve total heart health in their lives. As part of the "30 Minutes a Day Total Heart Health Challenge," men will be inspired and supported in making practical changes toward a healthy heart, by honoring Christ both physically and spiritually, with their total hearts.


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