Toxic Relief: Restore health and energy through fasting and detoxification by Don Colbert

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 Publication Date: June 23, 2003

Here is a proven program to cleanse your body in 30 days! Is your body sending you distress signals?

    * Learn about dangerous foods to avoid and healthy substitutions you can make.
    * Discover which appliances are essential in your kitchen.
    * Beat your tiredness! Become consumer smart and supplement wise.
    * Examine the sick building syndrome.
    * Explore spiritual and physical aspects of fasting.
    * Find out why saunas and exfoliating your skin are so good for you.

Dr. Don Colbert provides an easy-to-understand and comprehensive explanation of the toxic battle you’re in. He also exposes risk factors and provides alternative solutions for living free from cancer, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and more. Are you overfed and undernourished? You may be toxic, but there is hope. Detoxify your body with Dr. Colbert’s medically sound and proven program of juice fasting. Deep-cleansing your body right down to the cellular level will renew your vitality, restore your energy, reclaim your health, shed toxic fat, lengthen your life and give you a healthy glow you haven’t had in years. Let Dr. Colbert brighten your outlook and change your attitude as he escorts you closer to healthier living-body, mind and spirit! Get ready to experience powerful relief!


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