UPS Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12V 12AH

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Nominal Voltage 12.0 v, Please click here to choose advanced 12V 12Ah LiFePO4 battery if you  like to get 5 times  longer cycle life and 2 times higher energy density
Nominal Capacity 12 Ah, 12000 mAh
Max. Charging current 3.6 A
Max. Discharging current 180 A max
Dimension (LxWxH) 151mm (5.95") x 98mm (3.86") x 94mm (3.70")
Weight 8.69 lb ( 3940g)
Terminal T2

Detail Data Sheet

Please download the specifications for Lead acid battery 12.0 v 12 ah.
  • Sea scooter batteries for SEADOO GTI36V E-bike battery (need 3 units of 12v battery), UPS, Laboratory Equipment, Toy-Cars, Power Packs, Fishing Lights.
  • For use in most travel scooters, including Spirit Traveler, Pride Dart, Sonic and Go-Go's, Zip'r 3 and 4 wheel, Guardian Trek 3 and 4 wheel, and many others.
  • Emergency light: Portalac Part # PE-10-12R, Portalac Part # PE-12V10B, Teledyne Big Beam Part # S-1210, Teledyne Big Beam Part # 118-0010, Yuasa Part # NP-12-12
Smart tip
  •  To recharge 12v 10 Ah SLA battery use either Smart Charger (3.0 A) for 6V & 12V Lead Acid Battery or Smart Charger (3 A) for 12V Lead Acid Battery (USA only).
  • You may choose advanced Powerizer LiFePO4 Battery: 12V 12Ah (144Wh, 24A rate) with PCM to 50% less weight and 5 times longer cycle life
  • Please consider to choose new 12.8V LiFePO4 battery packs to get 10 times longer cycle life and lower cost per cycle


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