When Your Kids Push Your Buttons: And What You Can Do About It by Bonnie Harris

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Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; 1 edition (April 17, 2003)   ISBN: 0446530158
Countless times a day a variation of the following scenario plays out across the country: A mother is running late.
If you're a parent, you know the feeling. In one moment, with one sentence, a certain look, or a defiant act, your kid pushes your buttons—and you react in a way that you will later regret. In this beautiful, wise, and deeply insightful book, family counselor Bonnie Harris shows you how to defuse parenting "road rage"—and end the action-and-reaction cycle between you and your child once and for all.

Whether you're a parent of an eighteen-month-old or an eighteen-year-old, you'll discover why certain behaviors just seem to drive you crazy. Revealing how the anger of both kids and parents contain hidden messages, this book offers you tools and techniques to gain control of your emotions, see situations differently, react calmly and effectively when your children misbehave, and, most of all, give your kids the help they may really be asking for.


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