Workers Participation In Management by P Venkata Ramana

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ISBN: 8131300692   Publishing Date: 2007    Publisher:    APH Publishing Corporation

This book is in outcome of indepth research on the practic of worker s participation in Manegement (WPM) in industrial organisations in India. It is written for the benefit of both theoreticians and practitioners covering a bigger convas. In this book one can find case studies on organizations of the old economy to today s digital enterprises. Accordinlgy there are case studies ranging from the Indian Railways. Tata Iron and Steel Company( now Tata Steel) to Lucas-TVS Ltd. and Infosys.

About Author :

Dr. Panchadi Venkataramana is the Project Director for Union Labour Ministry s research programme at Tamilnadu Institute of Labour Studies Chennai. A graduate in Commerce and Economics (Andhra University) and post graduate in Public Administration (Andhra University) Research Methodology (TISS-Bombay) and Marketing Management (Pondicherry University) Dr. Venkataramana received Ph.D. for his thesis Manageemnt of Development Corporations from the faculty of Social Sciences Osmania University Hyderabad in 1985. Contents : Acknowledgements Workers Participation in Management: An Attitude Survey of Managers and Non-Manages in Selected Organisations Present Position and Current Thinking on Workers Participation in Management Main Findings Conclusion s Suggestions and Recommendations Workers s Participation in Management: Private Sector Model Workers Participation in Management: An Appropriate model (Public Sector) Public Sector Model Case Studies on Workers Participation in Management: Kamari Tubes Ltd. Survey of Literature: Schedules and Questionnaries Bibliography Index

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